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It's important to partner with the right companies in business.

Managing costs are critical to a business’s success and true costs encompass more than just price. Below are some of the unique points of differentiation that Coolbreeze offers.

Our Services

Custom HVAC Design

Coolbreeze provides Custom HVAC Design services for the Commercial, Industrial & Institutional sectors.

Food Industry PM Services

The food manufacturing industry has rapidly become the pinnacle of Canada’s financial participation in the global economy.

Condominium Service

The greatest need in the Canadian condominium marketplace today is for properly structured relationships between Condominium Corporations, and their Service Contractors

Technical Services Building Analysis (TSBA)

The Coolbreeze™ TSBA is the quintessential tool for making sound & intelligent financial decisions on your facility HVAC equipment & systems.

Preventative Maintenance

All mechanical equipment will eventually need repairs. The question is not if, but how much.

Tier II Medical Facilities

The need for investment in Tier II medical facilities is essential to the safety and health of our community, both locally and nationally.

About Coolbreeze

Coolbreeze places the utmost importance on providing our customers with timely, efficient and professional service.

We understand that the management of your HVAC systems is critical to your business operations and to that end Coolbreeze employs only dedicated, experienced and fully licensed HVAC technicians.

It is from this commitment to provide a level of service unmatched in the industry that 95% of our workforce have remained with Coolbreeze for more than 20 years.

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