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Tier II Medical Facilities

Tier II Medical Facilities

As Canada Continues to evolve, the shape of our business communities evolve with it.

The need for investment in Tier II medical facilities is essential to the safety and health of our community, both locally and nationally.

This need extends beyond those who conceive and build these facilities, and extends to the businesses that will support, service, and monitor the Tier II medical community towards safe, effective and timely medical services and procedures.

Coolbreeze™ has worked extensively to develop the processes, procedures, and infrastructure essential in building, servicing and supporting TIER II medical facilities in Ontario.

Our team can assist with the integration of ASHRAE Standard 170 – 2013 into an existing facility, new build, or capital renovation/repurpose of medical spaces to be used for commercial and Tier II business models.

Tier II Medical

Our commitment towards excellence in our support of Tier II Medical growth in Canada is directly targeted towards prevention, and protection of human life.

Please contact us to schedule an online presentation where we can further elaborate on how Coolbreeze™ can protect and preserve the environment of your Tier II medical facility, making it safe and sustainable.