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Technical Services Building Analysis (TSBA)

Technical Services Building Analysis (TSBA)

Many building owners and management professionals rely on others to provide them with the information needed to make key financial decisions on the investments made in mechanical systems and equipment.

The marketplace is often leveraged towards encouraging the purchase of new equipment as a solution to mechanical problems that can often be easily corrected with the right service and experience.

In truth, the same technology that is sold as an energy savings initiative through a new capital purchase can often be integrated into existing systems at a fraction of the cost.

The Coolbreeze™ TSBA ( Technical Services Building Analysis ) is a proprietary Mechanical audit system designed to collect the exact data and information you need on the condition, sustainability and efficiency of your HVAC equipment portfolio.

Energy Audit information is then added to the report using ASHRAE guidelines directed towards efficient and controlled investment in facility mechanical systems.

The Coolbreeze™ TSBA is the quintessential tool for making sound and intelligent financial decisions on your facility HVAC equipment and systems.

Contact us directly to schedule an online presentation of the TSBA and the unique ways it can protect your business financially.