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Condominium Service

Condominium Service

The Need For Better Service….

The greatest need in the Canadian condominium marketplace today is for properly structured relationships between Condominium Corporations, and their Service Contractors. The need to demonstrate this characteristic in the provision of services to registered condominium corporations has never been greater.

Coolbreeze™ HVAC Maintenance programs have been specifically designed for the Condominium industry, directly taking into account the challenges and obstacles that have faced elected boards for the last two decades.

The Coolbreeze™ Performance Bridge HVAC Maintenance and Service Programs represent the highest level of service and accountability available from any contractor, anywhere in North America today.

These dynamic service offerings were developed directly from direct and detailed input taken from established industry professionals and designed to provide the following:

  • True comprehensive PM programs with almost NO exclusions
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Reduction in common area fees related to HVAC Extension of equipment life and performance
  • Real and tangible reductions in energy consumption

How We Do It

Our carefully trained service integration teams deliver a set of unique skills directed to providing condominium boards with all the information and tools needed to make informed decisions when purchasing HVAC services for their buildings.

This unique approach was created from input and suggestions taken directly from individuals in the marketplace who regularly solicit services on behalf of Condominium Corporations andactual board members who helped us build a system that was easy for them to understand, transparent and accountable.

Uncertainty and confusion is replaced with easy to understand industry absolutes that mark a clear path towards controlling costs, protecting mechanical systems, and most importantly, protecting the stability of your operating budget.

In an industry that has been mired for years in the ambiguity of contractual terms, exclusions, and broken promises, the Coolbreeze™ Performance Bridge HVAC Service program is the preferred option