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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

All mechanical equipment will eventually need repairs. The question is not if, but how much.

Regular PM keeps costs low by managing issues when they are affordable, not after they become costly. Properly maintained HVAC equipment operates more efficiently and lasts longer.

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Be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE, and come in under budget.

Our proactive preventive maintenance programs help you save money by maximizing equipment operating efficiencies, preventing problems and reducing overhead costs. Reactive maintenance is the most costly way to maintain a building HVAC system

Effective, Energy-efficient heating, ventilating & air-conditioning equipment, properly applied, is an essential part of today’s demand for minimum system operating costs. Coolbreeze prides itself as a leader in applying innovative techniques and ideas in an everchanging industry.

If mechanical system maintenance is not part of your cost-control program, it should be. Companies that maintain their HVAC systems enjoy measurable financial benefits, productivity improvements and better employee and facility health. COOLBREEZE offers one of the most comprehensive and trusted commercial service maintenance programs in the GTA.

A well maintained HVAC system provides several benefits to any business owner and facility

Investing in a proactive Preventative Maintenance Contract with COOLBREEZE will serve to benefit the business owner in several ways. In almost every case, the proper maintenance of critical HVAC systems saves far more in energy and equipmentrepair costs than the expense of unplanned Reactive maintenance.

Some Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Program:

  • Is a proactive cost-containment strategy for companies of all sizes
  • Ensures equipment efficiency thereby Reducing Energy Costs
  • Prevents expensive emergency equipment service or premature system replacements
  • Positively impacts employee productivity with all-season comfort
  • Increases the Lifespan of your Systems
  • Provides a Comfortable working environment for employees and customers.
  • Well-maintained equipment lasts 5-10 years longer than poorly-maintained equipment.
  • Budget Planning: due to known fixed costs
  • Regular maintenance ensures that equipment warranties remain in force
  • Clean, well-maintained equipment is quieter during operation
  • Lower rates than non-contract customers.
  • Top priority in case of an emergency (over non-contract customers).
  • 24/7 emergency response.
  • A dedicated team from visit to visit. We strive to maintain consistency with your service technicians. This saves time and expense.
  • While repairs may be necessary, contract customers have a better understanding of the funds needed to maintain their HVAC systems.

Is Preventive Maintenance Right for Your Business?

  • Compare the cost of regular maintenance vs. emergency break downs or replacement costs
  • Lost productivity and increased after-hours service costs due to unplanned equipment failures
  • Lost employee productivity due to sick buildings
  • Reduced employee productivity due to uncomfortable working conditions
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to uncomfortable working conditions
  • Poor ventilation ultimately leads to serious health risks for your staff and customers. Both indoor and outdoor contaminants released into the air lead to high risks for respiratory issues. This of course could be bad for business. Preventative maintenance contracts through commercial HVAC companies can eliminate the risks. With routine cleaning of the ventilation system, the air quality is improved.